Batman’s Yo-yo

Batman’s Yo-yo

My boss, Dan Alton, shared this with me. It’s fascinating to see that (like most of us) Batman (or at least the icon) has yo-yo’d from thin and sleek to chunky back to thin again repeatedly over the years. Other than that, I find it very interesting from a branding perspective. I would never recommend a client change their logo so much, but the Batman brand has not been diluted or eroded by the changes… what do you think? (the music is cool too)


Is my/your/our new boyfriend killing feminism?

Must you be “an ernest, meaty-reading, Mason jar hating, anti-bracelet wearing kind of woman” to be a feminist? And does Pinterest’s plethera of kitchen porn somehow set “us” back? Check out these two articles…

Pinterest And Modern Feminism – life – life-style |

And here’s the original article

How Pinterest is Killing Feminism.

Quispy web content

Keep your content Quisp

We hear we are to keep our website and blog content fresh and succinct.
But shouldn’t it be quispy?

Combine crisp content with just about any q word you can think of and you’re onto it… quick, quippy, quintessential, question-answering.

The Overlap?

What if we applied the same ideas to our lives… what if we kept life Quispy? What if we put as much effort into good life content as we do good web content? What if I tried to design my life to be as beautiful, unique and easy-to-navigate as I strive to make my professional designs?

So, what do you think? What are the best ways to keep life fresh, relevant and optimized.