Cool and Free!

Have you seen this? You can go to and easily make a video of photos from your facebook profile, Instagram or myriad other photo management sites. Here is mine…My life in 2012.


Batman’s Yo-yo

Batman’s Yo-yo

My boss, Dan Alton, shared this with me. It’s fascinating to see that (like most of us) Batman (or at least the icon) has yo-yo’d from thin and sleek to chunky back to thin again repeatedly over the years. Other than that, I find it very interesting from a branding perspective. I would never recommend a client change their logo so much, but the Batman brand has not been diluted or eroded by the changes… what do you think? (the music is cool too)

Is my/your/our new boyfriend killing feminism?

Must you be “an ernest, meaty-reading, Mason jar hating, anti-bracelet wearing kind of woman” to be a feminist? And does Pinterest’s plethera of kitchen porn somehow set “us” back? Check out these two articles…

Pinterest And Modern Feminism – life – life-style |

And here’s the original article

How Pinterest is Killing Feminism.

Let’s try this one more time…

Here we go again with the attempt at a blog. 

If you’ve ever wondered…

Here’s the Dewey decimal number for a book on the Dewey decimal system.

Is this thing on?

doing some testing with my posterous site.

Quote of the Day: 12•21•10


“Why do people assume that serious work can’t be done with Post-Its?”

Mack Adams

from “A Snail Trail of Post-It Notes”